Coarseness Brew Guide Video

Coffee Grind Size

Unlocking the full potential of brewing coffee at home often depends on the coffee grind size or …

Pour-Over Tips & Tricks Video!

Pour-Over coffee, also known as drip-brew coffee, is very popular among the specialty coffee community. Plus, it is a personal favorite at the Texas Coffee Club! This coffee preparation method creates an excellent cup of coffee; however, it does require a little equipment and effort to create. This may seem a bit much for your daily routine, but the extra effort is entirely worth it. Trust me, we do it daily… read more

Aeropress Affogato Video Guide

An "Affogato" is an excellent summer pick-me-up or a deliciously easy way to impress dinner guests with little effort overall! Normally, a traditional affogato takes the form of a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato covered in a steamy hot shot of espresso. But, if you’re not yet the proud… read more

Coffee Ice-Cubes! (coffee recipe video)

Summer is in full swing, which means it’s the time of year for iced coffee! And if you’re anything like me this coffee recipe is your saving grace during the brutal Texas summer! Iced Coffee... with Coffee Ice! I truly enjoy iced coffee. Smooth, robust, and creamy, with a hint of sweetness, and… read more

Is a Coffee Subscription Worth It?

Before we launched Texas Coffee Club, I never had a coffee subscription. True, I preferred specialty grade coffee from the local roaster. And at two to three cups of java per day, I was a prime candidate for subscription. But the thought of making the commitment to buying coffee every X… read more

Espresso Banana Smoothie Video Guide

This Espresso Banana Smoothie is the perfect pick me up to start your morning. This coffee treat is deliciously smooth and creamy thanks to bananas and the deliciously creamy Texas roasted espresso! With a start to finish prep time of just under 5 five minutes it’s a great way to get… read more

I Joined Texas Coffee Club.

What Happens Next? Your next step is simple. All you have to do is accept our sincere gratitude for joining our coffee club. We know that you are bombarded with advertisements and promotions all day long. So we don't take lightly that you saw something in Texas Coffee Club that made you… read more