Azucar Loca Coffee Company

Meet Roger Meyers, the owner and roaster at Azucar Loca Coffee Company in Houston, Texas. He’s been involved with coffee …

A Buyers Guide to Coffee Roasts

Sign-Up For Free! Join The Club Now! Where Science Meets Art Ever wonder if there is really a difference between the bag of light roasted coffee and the bag of medium roast? And what about that bag of dark roast? Does dark mean more caffeine? Well, we’re going to answer those questions with… read more

Buon Giorno Coffee

Hiking to Italy At only 18 years old, David Clark got hooked on espresso while in Italy. After hitch-hiking from the Netherlands down to Rome with a friend, he had a life changing espresso experience. He says, “When we arrived in Italy, I tasted that rich dark nectar they called espresso and… read more

Your Caffeinated Heroes

Coffee Roasted By Veterans Did you know that eight of the Texas Coffee Club roasters are veterans or currently serving in the military?  It’s true.  What an awesome feeling knowing we're supporting Texans and veterans. And when I say "we" I mean Texas Coffee Club and every one of our members. You can… read more

Café Volcan

New Texas Roasted Coffees Oh what a treat we have for you today! Café Volcan brought new coffees to Texas Coffee Club, and we can’t wait to tell you about them. We have goodies for the decaf lovers, the espresso drinkers, and those who pine for flavors (and real bourbon). There's… read more

Noble Coyote

New Coffees from Noble Coyote It is no secret that we, at Texas Coffee Club, love coffee. And I don’t think it’s a secret that we like trying new coffee. In fact, we love keeping the coffee selections fresh and providing you with new offerings. So we are very excited to… read more

Pumpkin Spice Latte at Home Video Guide

Pumpkin Spice Mania I’m proud to say I have yet to make it to Starbucks this season for their Fall celebrated latte. You might ask yourself why, why, oh why hasn’t he been to Starbucks yet?! The answer is simple, I make them at home now for a fraction of the cost! The Pumpkin… read more

Hacienda Salida Del Sol

The Farm-to-Cup Roaster Texas Coffee Club welcomes Hacienda Salida del Sol coffee to our outstanding lineup of Texas roasters. This roaster is very unique in that they grow their own beans. While the family owned and operated coffee plantation is located in the remote coastal mountains… read more

Moka Pot Espresso Video Guide

If you enjoy coffee, then chances are that you’ll really like the coffee drinks that were born in Italy using the Moka Pot, such as, cappuccino and the affogato. These are all popular in Texas, and we often prepare them at the… read more

Coarseness Brew Guide Video

Coffee Grind Size Unlocking the full potential of brewing coffee at home often depends on the coffee grind size or “coarseness”. Controlling this crucial variable allows you to improve the overall taste of your coffee, ensure repeatability and makes experimenting with recipes at home much easier. At the Texas Coffee Club headquarters we use a variety of brew methods to enjoy our Texas roasted coffee. Follow… read more

Pour-Over Tips & Tricks Video!

Pour-Over coffee, also known as drip-brew coffee, is very popular among the specialty coffee community. Plus, it is a personal favorite at the Texas Coffee Club! This coffee preparation method creates an excellent cup of coffee; however, it does require a little equipment and effort to create. This may seem a bit much for your daily routine, but the extra effort is entirely worth it. Trust me, we do it daily… read more