Neighbor Coffee & Friends

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Meet Caleb Williamson, owner of our newest coffee roaster, Neighbor Coffee & Friends in Austin, TX.  He …

Mi Mundo Coffeehouse & Roastery

Coffee That Cares for You and the World Meet Sabin Shrestha, owner and operator of Mi Mundo Coffeehouse & Roastery. Mi Mundo specializes in a Central/South American coffee house experience, stemming from Puerto Rican roots with a small Aussie flair. Mi Mundo prioritizes providing the best coffeehouse experience for the community. Their… read more

Valentine Coffee Gift Boxes

Coffee, Chocolates and Treats for Valentine’s Day Looking for the perfect Valentine gift for the coffee lovers in your life? Look no further! Make their hearts go pitter patter with one of our coffee themed gift boxes for Valentine’s Day. Anyone who appreciates good coffee will love getting specialty coffee and scrumptious… read more

West Coffee Company

A Matter of Opinion? or Taste? Texas Coffee Club is proud to announce West Coffee Company joined the club! Owned and operated by the West family with Harrison West as head roaster. That's him in the picture above. This family of six runs the business by they dividing and conquering… read more

Spiral Horn Coffee Co

Courtship Over Coffee We are proud to introduce you to Mark and Michelle Hedley, co-owners of Spiral Horn Coffee Company. They are fellow coffee lovers and excellent coffee roasters! Over 37 years ago, in 1984, one of their first dates was over coffee. They had no way of knowing that coffee… read more

Introducing Sample Packs

Big Variety, Small Package, Free Shipping Have you heard about Texas Coffee Club’s Sample Packs? They. Are. Awesome! And a great way to explore a variety of specialty coffees at a lower price point. Instead of paying full price on multiple full-size bags of coffee, you get an assortment of coffees in… read more

The Texas Affogato Cocktail

Experience the Sweet Side of Texas Affogato. A most delightful concoction that transports an already beautiful coffee into a sumptuous dessert. You can make it very simple with just two ingredients or get creative with the likes of garnishes, liqueurs, fruits, and nuts. In the mood for a homey, comfy dessert? Have… read more

S’mores Latte Video Guide

Let's make s'mores! While the weather outside is frightful, s’more lattes are so delightful!  If you love the decadent s'more with it's warm chocolate, ooey gooey marshmallows, and crunchy graham crackers, you'll love the s'more latte. It's certainly one of our most delicious ways to keep warm this holiday season.… read more

Gingerbread Latte Video Guide!

Your Holiday Gingerbread Latte Celebrate the holidays with a warm cup of gingerbread latte. It’s easy to make, festive, and absolutely delicious! Feeling the warmth and tasting those delightful spices will remind you of times sitting with family, decorating gingerbread houses, and brimming with joy. Plus, it’ll give you the kick… read more

Texas Roasted Holiday Coffee Guide!

Scrumptious Christmas Coffees Holiday coffee flavors! Aromas of gingerbread, sugar cookies, peppermints, and warm spices fill the air, promising warmth on a chilly day. Some of the best things about winter are the things that warm us up and make us feel cozy. A sweater, a blanket, a snuggle, and a… read more

Peppermint Mocha Latte Video Guide

It’s Beginning to Taste a Lot Like Christmas! The Peppermint Mocha Latte – oh yes! We are going there today. This is the day for the coffee drink that screams “CHRISTMAS IS HERE!” Our seasonal favorite: Peppermint Mocha Latte. Mmmm. The cool, sweet flavor of candy canes mixed with rich chocolate, soothing warm… read more