January Birthdays!

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A new month means it’s time for birthday fun again! If you are looking …

New Years Kahlua Coffee Cocktail Recipe

The Perfect New Years Drink for Coffee Lovers! This just in: Champagne is out, and our Kahlua Coffee Cocktail is in. New Years is approaching quickly, and we have the perfect coffee recipe you will want to take into 2022 with you! Made with Kahlua (coffee liqueur), artisan coffee, and heavy cream, this mixed drink is the best way… read more

Peppermint Bark White Chocolate Latte Recipe

Christmas Spirit in a Cup  Christmas is only days away and there is no better way to celebrate the holidays than with a warm Peppermint Bark White Chocolate Latte. This delicious recipe reflects everything the holidays are about: it’s cozy, it’s sweet, and it’s peppermint! Whether you are sharing this latte with friends and… read more

Christmas Coffees Are Here!

Texas Roasted Holiday Coffees 10% Off Limited Time Only! The Christmas coffee season is finally here! ‘Tis the season to gather with friends and family, cozy up inside on a chilly day, and bake all the special holiday desserts you crave all year round. However you spend your holiday season, a warm… read more

December Gift Giving

A Special Month for Gifts December is a big month for gift giving with celebrations of Christmas and Hannukah. There are even more celebrations and gifts if you have friends and family with December birthdays! By the way, I bet they would prefer to receive birthday presents that aren’t wrapped in Christmas… read more

Nutty Maple Pecan Latte Recipe

The Perfect Thanksgiving Latte Certain flavors just scream Thanksgiving, like pecans and maple. This special duo can turn ordinary sweet potatoes into something special and make some of the most scrumptious pies you could ever want. So why not use them to create a special Thanksgiving latte? It’s quite an easy recipe… read more

November Birthdays!

Famous Texans Birthdays in November Through History! November birthdays mean November gifts! We know that topaz is the November birthstone, but what is the November coffee? Is it a flavored coffee? Single origin? Medium roast? With so many options to choose from, the right answer is a gift to Texas Coffee Club.… read more

Your Caffeinated Heroes

Coffee Roasted By Veterans At Texas Coffee Club you can get your coffee fix and support veterans at the same time. We are very proud that several of our Texas Coffee Club roasters are veterans, and we even have one that is on active duty! These men and women have… read more

2021 Holiday Dilemma – Will My Gift Be On Time?

The Supply Chain Grinch Is Up To No Good Major news outlets report the global supply chain may ruin Christmas! We are all experiencing the effects. Deliveries are taking longer and longer to receive. Store shelves are bare while store owners wait for replacements to arrive. Experts say they… read more

Famous Texan October Birthdays

October Birthdays In honor of our October birthday folks, we thought we’d let you know about some famous Texan October birthdays. From rappers to bank robbers, Texas has been the October birthplace of some pretty interesting characters! (Psst... -- coffee makes a great birthday present.) Ice Ice Baby! First up… read more

I Quit Drinking Coffee For A Month

Why Would Anyone Quit Drinking Coffee? Around last year, I was living with a friend who happened to blame everything on coffee. Not caffeine, mind you, just plain coffee. Feeling sluggish? That is because of coffee. Not thinking clearly? Coffee! Did not get good rest? You guessed it — coffee, every single time. He was always suggesting I quit drinking coffee for a month.   Well,… read more