Kenyan Coffees on Texas Coffee Club

Kenya Coffee Kenyan coffees are extremely aromatic, highly acidic, and brimming with fruity flavors, making them some of the most sought-after coffees. These flavors are uniquely Kenyan. Although their Ethiopian neighbors also produce some of the greatest coffees on the planet, a comparison of the two will show the ones from… read more

Osmotic Flow, Pour Over Guide

Osmotic Flow Pour-Over Have you heard? Not all pour-overs are created equally. There are two ways to do the pour-over: Osmotic Flow and Full Immersion. Both methods use a pour-over dripper and filter, but there’s a difference in how the water is used. The osmotic way is a bit more… read more

Ethiopian Coffees on Texas Coffee Club

The Ethiopian Charm Ethiopia has some of the mostly highly sought after coffee beans. Even though coffee is grown in several African countries, there is something that makes coffee enthusiasts just go ga-ga about the ones from Ethiopia. What makes Ethiopian coffees so special? For one thing, landscape plays a huge… read more

Mi Mundo Coffeehouse & Roastery

Coffee That Cares for You and the World Meet Sabin Shrestha, owner and operator of Mi Mundo Coffeehouse & Roastery. Mi Mundo specializes in a Central/South American coffee house experience, stemming from Puerto Rican roots with a small Aussie flair. Mi Mundo prioritizes providing the best coffeehouse experience for the community. Their… read more

A Buyers Guide to Coffee Roasts

Sign-Up For Free! Join The Club Now! Where Science Meets Art Ever wonder if there is really a difference between the bag of light roasted coffee and the bag of medium roast? And what about that bag of dark roast? Does dark mean more caffeine? Well, we’re going to answer those questions with… read more

Coarseness Brew Guide Video

Coffee Grind Size Unlocking the full potential of brewing coffee at home often depends on the coffee grind size or “coarseness”. Controlling this crucial variable allows you to improve the overall taste of your coffee, ensure repeatability and makes experimenting with recipes at home much easier. At the Texas Coffee Club headquarters we use a variety of brew methods to enjoy our Texas roasted coffee. Follow… read more