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Unlocking the full potential of brewing coffee at home often depends on the coffee grind size or “coarseness”. Controlling this crucial variable allows you to improve the overall taste of your coffee, ensure repeatability and makes experimenting with recipes at home much easier. At the Texas Coffee Club headquarters we use a variety of brew methods to enjoy our Texas roasted coffee. Follow our coffee coarseness brew guide video below and never wait in a crowded Starbucks line again!   

Coarseness Brew Guide
Extra Fine Coffee

Why Does Coffee Coarseness Matter?

When making a cup of coffee, our main goal is to achieve a controlled extraction. Ultimately, the final coffee flavor will largely depend on how many compounds of flavor notes are extracted from the roasted beans into our coffee cup. This is a delicate balance of many variables, including: coffee ratio, brew time, water temperature, grind size, and more. 

The whole purpose of grinding our coffee beans is to increase the surface area meeting the water. How fine or coarse the grind is affects how quickly water can pass through it, affecting brew-time as well as the extraction efficiency. 

Furthermore, each brewing method has an ideal coarseness level to provide the best cup of coffee with that device.  

Coffee Equipment Coarseness guide


Medium Coarse

Medium Coarse



Extra Fine

Start Grinding at Home!

In the never-ending pursuit of high-quality specialty coffee, no variable is too small to consider. By getting the right, consistent grind size or coarseness, you can craft brew recipes to your specific preferences. Plus, you can experiment with different variables. And you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee – not just once, but every single time at home!  

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