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Creature Coffee Company is now on Texas Coffee Club! This extremely creative group is taking Austin by storm with their awesome roasted coffee and pop-up espresso bars. Their coffee carts and coffee bars bring craft coffee to the people. Imagine a really good coffee shop at your wedding, party or corporate event, serving up tasty cappuccinos, chai’s, iced lattes and all that good stuff. That’s exactly what they specialize in!

The group likes to have fun and be a bit whimsical, but they are serious about their coffee.

When we started Creature Coffee, we started it with one mission in mind. To source and roast exceptional coffee while staying honest, approachable, and fun.

Creature Coffee Co.

Creature Coffee sources some of the best coffees in the world and roasts them to perfection. But this group is very non-traditional. They don’t and won’t do everything in the same old, predicable kind of way. They make sure you get serious coffee, but in a totally unserious way. One look at a bag of their coffee, and you’ll see whimsey right away.

Dreaming and Borrowing

A true American Dream story, Michael Craig founded a pop-up espresso bar company about 3 years ago with only $1,000. With such small seed money, he was borrowing the espresso machines and grinders from friends so he could make events happen with no money. He built up a solid reputation and was busier than he could have dreamed of being. He grew to 5 espresso bars and was brewing for companies like Mercedes, Ferrari, COTA, Dell, and Apple.

Next Michael opened a coffee bar inside of Austin’s iconic Native Hostel on the East Side. It was a cool spot that was full of local Austin artists, musicians, and travelers. Things were moving at a fast pace: he had plans to open a coffee shop inside the new Hope Gallery, was running 5 pop-up espresso bars and a coffee shop, and had started a small Texas Coffee-of-the-Month Club all in the span of 2 years. His core passion was sharing the best specialty coffee with people, and he loved every minute of it. Then the pandemic hit.

Pandemic Takes A Toll

The pandemic had a direct hit on the social interactions, gatherings, events, and coffee shops that Creature Coffee was so involved in. So they decided to scale back and start doing something they always wanted to do: roast coffee!

[Creature Coffee Co] was born during the pandemic of 2020 by a couple of guys looking for a way to bring something fun into an otherwise not so fun year.

You see, they love sharing specialty coffee with people. Introducing someone to the best cup of coffee they’ve ever tasted makes them smile a big smile. And we’re not talking about that commercially-roasted, mass-produced stuff that’s sitting on the store shelves, going stale. We mean high quality specialty coffee. Those fresh-out-of-the-roaster beans that are mouth -wateringly delicious, sourced from some super skilled farmers on the other side of the world growing some insanely tasty coffee varietals. They want to share those fruits and those farmers’ stories with you. And maybe, possibly, they’ll share a smile or two along the way.


Their current team consists of Michael Craig, Benjamin Weiss and Andrew Berry. Michael started out in the UK close to London, but finally made his way to Texas. He took a very long route to get here though, by way of Asia, meeting a girl form Minnesota, making her his wife, and living in Australia before finally heading to the US.

He learned a lot about specialty coffee when they lived in Melbourne, so once he got to Austin he decided it was time to start his coffee business. You might say he is the original Creature of the group.

Michael takes on buying the green coffee, choosing ingredients, and quality control. Benjamin is the marketer of the bunch and Andrew makes sure the events go off without a hitch. Together they make Creature the whimsical, awesome coffee business that it is today.

Rebuilding Ethically

So for now, the team is in rebuild mode. They decided to focus on new things while waiting for a normal lifestyle to come back, and started with building relationships with importers, producers, and farmers from the best coffee-growing regions around the world.

Honesty is part of Creature Coffee’s mission, and that includes their relationships with the farmers and supply chain folks. Creature Coffee is proud to pay top dollar for their green coffee. Not only because all of the coffees are high quality, but also because it means the entire supply chain is paid far more than Fair Trade prices for their craft. That’s very important to the whole Creature team.

After relationship building came months of fine-tuning, cupping, tasting, brewing, and tweaking their skills. Currently they are seeing a huge uptake in their events schedule and say it’s good to be back to being busy. After an uncertain 12 months, the future is looking bright again!

Although the pandemic forced them to shift and pivot, they do have plans on opening their own coffee shop again when the time is right. Once the masks are long gone and social interactions are fun again. It won’t be in 2021, but maybe next year.

Get Your Creature Coffee Comforts

So if you’re in the Austin area and have a special event coming up where you’d like an amazing coffee bar to wow your guests, give these guys a call. They’ll do you proud. But even if Austin isn’t where you are, you can still get some of that Creature goodness by visiting them here at Texas Coffee Club. We’ll get you all fixed up.

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