October Birthdays

In honor of our October birthday folks, we thought we’d let you know about some famous Texan October birthdays. From rappers to bank robbers, Texas has been the October birthplace of some pretty interesting characters! (Psst… — coffee makes a great birthday present.)

Ice Ice Baby!

First up is Vanilla Ice, aka, Robert Van Winkle. Ice was born in 1967 in Dallas, Texas on Halloween, the 31st. This is the guy who brought us “Ice, ice, baby!” He’s been a rapper, actor, and a television DIY guy when he hosted The Vanilla Ice Project.

And In Other News…

Second, we have Dan Rather who was also born on Halloween but in 1931. He is a whopping 89 years old, soon to be 90. Rather is a famous television newscaster who began his career in Huntsville, TX in the 1950’s. Ultimately, he spent 61 years in journalism and is well known as an evening news anchor.

I Like Ike!

Our third birthday boy, Dwight D. Eisenhower, was born October 14, 1890 in Denison, TX. This famous Texan, with the famous nickname “Ike”, went on to be a military officer, politician, and the 34th president of the United States. He is also known for overseeing the creation of the massive U.S Interstate system.

Playing the Blues

Next up is Stevie Ray Vaughn who was born in Dallas, TX on October 3, 1954. He began playing guitar at age seven, and later dropped out of high school to pursue his musical career in Austin. Vaughn ultimately became one of the greatest guitarists of all time

Granny For Possum Queen

Believe it or not, Daisy “Granny” Moses from the Beverly Hillbillies is younger than President Eisenhower! Jessie “Irene” Ryan was born Oct 17, 1902 in El Paso, TX. Fun fact, Irene Ryan was supposed to be Uncle Jed’s mother, but she was only five and a half years older than him. Whee doggies!

Stick ‘Em Up!

Last in our lineup is Bonnie Parker, half of the famous duo, Bonnie and Clyde. Born Oct 1, 1910 in Rowena, Texas, Parker grew up in the Dallas area where she met up with Clyde Barrow. They were part of a gang that traveled the Central United States during the Great Depression. Although they are well known for their bank robberies, they actually preferred to rob small stores or rural funeral homes.

Birthday Gift Ideas

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