The Father’s Day Dilemma

Dads, dads, dads. We love ‘em but they can be SO hard to shop for! You finally hear him mention something he likes, and before you know it he’s already bought it for himself. So what do you do? Texas artisanal coffee blends are the answer! A Father’s Day gift subscription to Just Around the Blend or pack of Blended Art coffee flights is a great idea. We’ve got you covered!

Coffee Flights

For a one-time gift, flights are an excellent choice. Dad will get to compare coffees from a similar style. You select the style, and we’ll put together a selection of coffees that all ship together. Flights have mini bags of coffee that each weigh-in with 2.8 oz of coffee per bag. Small flights have a variety of 4 bags while the large has a variety of 8. Choose from 4 different styles: Big & Bold, Blended Art, Light & Flavorful, & Espressos.

Father’s Day Gift Subscription

If you’re more interested in a gift that keeps giving even after Father’s Day has passed, the Gift Subscription is ideal. There are 6 styles to choose from and you can set it up for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Every 28 days we’ll curate and send Dad a full 12-oz bag of coffee for the time frame you select.

Styles available include Single Origins, Just Around the Blend, Decaf, Flavored, Espresso, and our fan favorite the Texas Grand Tour. The Grand Tour is wide selection of over 300 coffees that covers all roast levels and has both single origins as well as blends. Perfect for anyone who likes to mix it up and always try something different.

Blended Coffees

Blended Coffee is one of the styles we offer in both Coffee Flights and Gift Subscriptions. The Blended Art flights and Just Around the Blend subscriptions are made up only of coffee blends. However, the roasting range runs the gamut from light to dark. Blends are where the roasters get to flex their artistic muscles by creating their own beautiful bean combo and deciding the optimal roast level for their creation. Each one is unique.

We have over 100 coffees that fit this profile! We can’t list them all, but here a few of our Just Around the Blend coffees that showcase the great variety of blended brews available at Texas Coffee Club:

Med-Light Roast. Honey nut, milk chocolate, and caramel.
Light Roast. Bright. More caffeine and acidity than other roasts.
Medium roast. Milk chocolate, caramel and blackberry.
Medium roast. Toasty, with dark chocolate and rich low-key fruit.
Dark roast. Double chocolate cake, smokey, golden caramel.
Medium Dark roast. Bittersweet with notes of Caramel. Complex.

Mix it Up!

Blended coffees make a wonderful Father’s Day gift and are the flavorful way to add variety to Dad’s life. He’ll love it!

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