Words Alone Cannot Espresso …

Tell Dad how brewtiful he is to you with the gift of espresso! A Father’s Day gift subscription or pack of Espresso coffee flights is a great idea. We’ve got you covered this Father’s Day!

Espresso Blends

Espresso is one of the styles we offer in both Coffee Flights and Gift Subscriptions. Many of us think of super dark roasts for espresso but, believe it or not, lots of folks like to use a light roasted single origin instead. We have lots of varieties that fit both of those preferences, plus still more than land in between them.

In fact, we currently have 155 coffees that work well for espressos! Here are just a few of the Espresso Blends available at Texas Coffee Club:

Dark roasted. Smokey flavors with spice and chocolate.
Medium Dark roasted. Subtle chocolate and nutty flavor with just a minute hint of fruity acidity.
Medium roasted. Bright, fruity, slight lemon acidity with milk and dark chocolate finish.
Dark roasted. A selection of beans from every “Clime and place” of the Coffee Belt.
Medium Dark roasted. Tasting notes include strawberry, apricot, and toffee.
Dark roasted. Sharp and sweet. Blend of beans from India, Central and South America.

Gift Idea – Coffee Flights

For a one-time gift, flights are an excellent choice. Dad will get to compare coffees from a similar style. You select the style, and we’ll put together a selection of coffees that all ship together. Flights have mini bags of coffee that each weigh-in with 2.8 oz of coffee per bag. Small flights have a variety of 4 bags while the large has a variety of 8. Choose from 4 different styles: Big & Bold, Blended Art, Light & Flavorful, & Espressos.

Espressos Gift Idea – Gift Subscription

If you are more interested in a gift that keeps giving even after Father’s Day has passed, the Gift Subscription is ideal. There are 6 styles to choose from and you can set it up for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Every 28 days we’ll curate and send Dad a full 12-oz bag of coffee for the time frame you select.

Styles available include Single Origins, Just Around the Blend, Decaf, Flavored, Espresso, and our fan favorite the Texas Grand Tour. The Grand Tour is wide selection of over 300 coffees that covers all roast levels and has both single origins as well as blends. Perfect for anyone who likes to mix it up and always try something different.

A Bold Expression!

Espresso gifts are strong, bold, and brewtiful gifts that lots of people love. Just like Dad, right?

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