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Looking for the perfect Father’s Day Gift for your Dad? Look no further! We have many options for Dads who love coffee. Instead of getting him socks, blow his socks off by getting him coffee he will love. We can help you decide between bold brews, espresso blends, single origins, artfully crafted blends, flavored coffees, and roast levels. Each has a unique flavor profile, so let’s see which one is right for your dad.

Flights or Subscriptions?

To start off with, do you want to give dad a one-time gift or something that he will keep receiving even after Father’s Day has passed? Either way, we have you covered with coffee flights and gift subscriptions.

Gift Idea – Coffee Flights

For a one-time gift, flights are an excellent choice. Dad will get to compare coffees from a similar style. You select the style, and we’ll put together a selection of coffees that all ship together. Flights have mini bags of coffee that each weigh-in with 2.8 oz of coffee per bag. Small flights have a variety of 4 bags while the large has a variety of 8. Choose from 4 different styles: Big & Bold, Blended Art, Light & Flavorful, & Espressos.

Gift Idea – Gift Subscription

If you are more interested in a gift that keeps giving even after Father’s Day has passed, the Gift Subscription is ideal. There are 6 styles to choose from and you can set it up for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Every 28 days we’ll curate and send Dad a full 12-oz bag of coffee for the time frame you select.

Styles available include Single Origins, Just Around the Blend, Decaf, Flavored, Espresso, and our fan favorite the Texas Grand Tour. So how does one style differ from another? I’m so glad you asked!

Texas Grand Tour

The first option to consider is the Grand Tour. It is a wide selection of over 300 coffees that covers all roast levels and has both single origins as well as blends and roasts that run the gamut from light to dark. Perfect for anyone who likes to mix it up and always try something different.

Single Origins

The single origin coffees are coffees that come from one single geographic region, such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and many more. They have distinct flavors resulting from the soil and climate conditions where they were farmed. For example, Ethiopian coffees often smell of blueberries, are sweeter, and even have fruity blueberry flavor notes.

Depending on how the coffee was processed, which means how they get the fruit off of the bean, they may be extremely fruity. If fruity is what you want, look for one that has been processed naturally. If you don’t want so much fruit flavor in your coffee, then washed will be a better option.

They can be roasted at any level, but these are most often offered in a light roast and rarely go beyond medium in order to retain the original fruity flavor of the bean.

Artistic Blends

The blends are the exact opposite of the single origins. This is where the roasters get to flex their artistic muscles by combining beans to make their own unique flavor combination. They may choose to use beans from one general area, such as beans from only Africa or only South American countries. Or they may choose to use beans across multiple regions, such as combining South American beans with some from Indonesia and maybe sprinkle in some from an African country or two.

On top of that, they can push their creativity further by using the roasting level to further impact the flavor. With so many varieties of beans, so many origin countries, and different roast levels, the possibilities are endless. And they’re all so good!

We have over 100 coffees that fit this profile! Here are just a few of our coffees that might show up in a Blended Art flight or Blends coffee subscription.

Bold Brews

Big & Bold is one of the styles offered in Coffee Flights, and they are for rich, strong brews. These are our most luscious, dark-roasted coffees and they are outstanding! This style has both single origins and blends which makes for a diverse selection even though they are all roasted on the darker side.

We have over 90 coffees that fit this profile! A few coffees you might see in our Big & Bold coffee flights are:


Espresso is a style we offer in both Coffee Flights and Gift Subscriptions. Many think espressos are only made from super dark roasts but, believe it or not, lots of folks like to use a light roasted single origin instead. We have lots of varieties that fit both of those preferences, plus still more than land in between them.

In fact, we currently have 155 coffees that work well for espressos! Here are just a few of the Espresso Blends available at Texas Coffee Club:

Light & Flavorful

We offer a coffee flight featuring light roasted coffees. A lot of people think light roasts are lighter in caffeine, but it’s actually just the opposite. Because they aren’t roasted very long, the beans retain more of their natural flavor and caffeine. Light roasts tend to be sweeter, less bitter and more acidic than other roasts.

It’s common to see single origins offered in a light roast to retain those natural flavors that come from the likes of Ethiopia, Kenya and Costa Rica. However, it isn’t reserved solely for them. We also have light roasts in unique one-of-a-kind blends the roasters have crafted themselves. A few coffees that might be curated for a Light & Flavorful flight are:

Added Flavors

Does your Dad like flavored coffees? We offer a gift subscription that sends only coffees with added flavors. The coffees are still specialty grade, but have additional flavors such as hazelnut, cinnamon, pecan, irish cream, and many more.

We have several that are available all year round, and some that are seasonal. When Fall rolls around, we have several roasters who offer a pumpkin spice or autumn blend. And quite a few also offer a seasonal blend for the Christmas and winter season as well. There’s always something delicious waiting.

Decision Time

You already know that Dad loves good coffee. So send him a latte love by giving him what he really wants this year. We’ve got lots of great options to choose from. Choose the Texas Grand Tour gift subscription and we’ll do the coffee selections for you. Don’t hold back – give Dad the best coffee that Texas has to offer!

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