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At only 16 years of age, Erika Knoch knew she would one day own her own coffee shop, and she was right! Today she owns and operates Global Coffee in El Paso, one of our newest roasters at Texas Coffee Club.

When you speak with Erika, you quickly realize that she and the coffee world are a natural fit. Volunteering at her church’s café was her intro to the coffee world, and the experience shaped her future. She loved everything involved with it: the people, serving, and good coffee. She knew a coffee shop was in her future.

Later, as she learned just what running a specialty coffee shop entailed, she found there was even more to love. All the pieces of the coffee supply chain were amazing. From the farmers and coffee processes they used, to importers, to the roasters, to baristas, and finally into the hands of the customers. All of it was fascinating and led her to also roasting her own coffee.

A Global Perspective

Erika says Global is the perfect name for her shop, and really represents what her shop is about. Global is perfect since it means universal, and we all know coffee is a universal commodity. Coffee is also a universal way of sharing with each other, no matter where we’re from.

It doesn’t matter which country you’re from. You can share something in common with that person through a cup of coffee and I find that super cool.


On top of all that, Erika incorporates different kinds of coffee from different parts of the world where coffee is grown. It all fit together to make Global Coffee the right fit for this owner’s store.

Bagged Freshly Roasted Coffees

As you may have guessed, Global Coffee offers bags of their freshly roasted coffee beans for your own home brews. True to their Global name, they offer single origins from Ethiopia, Mexico, and Guatemala plus a couple of blends to boot. Flavors range from bold and chocolatey to tropical and fruity. There’s a little something for most everyone.

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Customer Experience Comes First

Global Coffee takes great pride in their craft and wants every customer experience to be a great experience. Erika trains the team herself in all aspects of the business: from customer service, to making syrups, to being a barista, and making the bags of coffee. Social media and google reviews are buzzing about the wonderful customer service, owner involvement, delightful coffee drinks, and delicious bagged coffees.

We craft a darn fine coffee! Well, at least that is what our customers tell us!

At Global Coffee our customers experience come first!Come in and enjoy our relaxing environment while you have your favorite coffee drink fixed just the way you like it!

Global Coffee

In the shop they offer specialty drinks such as their signature Global Coffee and a Mazapan Latte that’s made with real Mazapan candy. Perfect for enjoying on their outdoor patio with a fresh pastry.

We specialize in making the perfect espresso drink, pour-overs, french press, and we make a great signature drink coffee! To us, it’s not just coffee, it’s a science! Don’t take our word for it… come by and we’ll make the perfect coffee just the way you like it!

Global Coffee

Getting Noticed

It’s not just social media and google that’s taking notice of Global Coffee. The El Paso Times listed them as one of the 8 El Paso Coffee Shops you need to know about.

Also El Paso Inc., has written about them twice. Most recently they named Global Coffee as the #3 2020 Best of El Paso Coffee / Tea Shop. And in 2018, Erika and Global Coffee were featured in the City Magazine – El Paso. Great job!

Coffee Made With Lots Of Love

Clearly, Global Coffee is serious about providing outstanding coffee and customer service. And if you’re part of the Club, you can experience their awesome coffee without having to venture out to El Paso. We make it easy and convenient for you to pick up some great Global Coffee here on Texas Coffee Club.

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