Coffee With A Splash Of Kindness

Greater Goods is a chic place in Austin where you can get awesome coffee and support a great cause at the same time. The brainchild of husband & wife team, Trey Cobb and Khanh Trang, Greater Goods donates a portion of each coffee purchase to one of three local Texas charities. Meaning each bag sold is more than just coffee. It’s meals for families, support for people with autism, and saves the lives of pets at risk for euthanasia. And you won’t believe where they set up their Austin shop.

Trey Cobb and Khanh Trang, Greater Goods Coffee Co founders

Coffee Shop

This cute Austin coffee shop was once an old automotive warehouse, but it has a whole different vibe now. The space is beautifully white-washed with a refreshing modern feel while still retaining much of the original warehouse characteristics. They have blended these two worlds seamlessly and it is gorgeous! Overhead you’ll see the original gable steel trusses and translucent polycarbonate panels, but instead of looking old and worn they look mod and trendy. This is the ideal place for hanging out over a cup of coffee that is giving back to the local community.

Greater Goods Coffee shop outside
Greater Goods Coffee shop inside, coffee bar
Greater Goods Coffee shop inside, sitting area.

Passion for Community

Greater Goods is proud to partner with the Central Texas Food Bank, Autism Society, and Austin Pets Alive. Each coffee supports one of these nonprofits and makes a difference in local lives. Trey and Khanh say that doing good is in their DNA, and it is clearly seen in their passion for the local area. But it isn’t confined to just Austin or Texas.

Central Texas Food Bank
Autism Society
Austin Pets Alive

Great Flavor & Sustainability

Outstanding flavor is a must for any good coffee shop. So they travel far and wide to find the world’s best coffee, from Colombia to Kenya. On-staff Q-graders are certified to professionally evaluate the sensory characteristics of each potential coffee. However, the coffee has to have more than just great flavor.

Greater Goods believes cup quality goes hand-in-hand with social and environmental responsibility. Sustainability at home and at the coffee’s origin is key. So they partner with producers who pay fair wages and use sustainable practices to protect the environment. Once these specially selected coffees get into Greater Goods’ hands, they do their magic. They craft individual roast recipes to bring out the best in each batch, and some pretty big names have taken notice.

Greater Goods Coffee Co
Greater Goods Coffee Co

Awards & Recognitions

In 2021, Greater Goods was named Roaster of the Year by roast Magazine. And in 2019, they were named the best coffee in Texas by Food & Wine. In fact, they were so impressed that they remarked, “stepping into the East Fifth Street flagship… It might be the slightest bit difficult to conceal your amazement.” What made such an impression? The combination of excellent coffee, beautiful interior and their practice of supporting local charities. If this was all Greater Goods had to offer, it would be enough. But there’s more!

Sharing Coffee Knowledge

Greater Goods is also seriously into training. Their training lab in East Austin is an SCA Premier Training Campus. This means they are accredited by the Specialty Coffee Association to teach professional certification courses. Their SCA program includes beginner and intermediate classes for Barista Skills, Brewing, Sensory Skills, Roasting, and Green Coffee. Plus there’s a third, professional level class, for Barista Skills, as well.

If you’re wanting to learn some skills but not necessarily make it a career, they have that covered as well. They provide workshops in latte art, espresso brewing, cold brewing, aeropress, cupping and pour overs. Some of the workshops are even available in virtual classes. This is definitely the place to go if you have a desire to learn anything coffee!

Good Texan Coffee

Greater Goods is an awesome Texan roaster doing great things, and you can snag a bag (or 3) at Texas Coffee Club. We have an assortment of 12 coffees from Greater Goods including single origins, custom blends, and a variety of roasts from super light roast to very dark! Whatever you choose you can’t go wrong – they’re all outstanding!

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