What Happens Next?

Your next step is simple. All you have to do is accept our sincere gratitude for joining our coffee club. We know that you are bombarded with advertisements and promotions all day long. So we don’t take lightly that you saw something in Texas Coffee Club that made you want to come along for the ride.

No, You Don’t Have To Buy Coffee

Our goal with Texas Coffee Club is to create a community where people like you and me who love Texas and love coffee can experience, learn, contribute and grow. Yes, we do want to sell coffee. We want our premier Texas roasters to continue doing what they do so well. But we want our relationship with you to form and grow because we have something in common. Texas and Coffee!

Yes, We Do Sell Coffee… Texan-Roasted Coffee

I bet you joined Texas Coffee Club because you like the taste of coffee. In my mind, who wouldn’t? I mean, give me a single origin from Ethiopia seven days a week and twice on Sunday!! So while we want to build community around Texas Coffee, we also want to provide that very coffee to the community.

To do so, we have partnered with the best Texan coffee roasters. From the Gulf Coast to North Texas, from the Panhandle all the way out to El Paso. And don’t forget the Hill Country. We work with almost 50 roasters to bring fresh coffee to your doorstep. And this isn’t just any roasted coffee bean. All of it is specialty grade coffee.

When you buy coffee through Texas Coffee Club, you will not pay more than if you buy directly from the roasters. We do not charge any premiums. In fact, you get Reward Beans with every purchase. Think of Reward Beans as frequent flyer miles but for coffee. You can redeem them as soon as you earn them.

What Else Is There?

Texas Coffee Club is young. We started in October of 2019. The reception has been overwhelming and humbling. We are always keeping things fun on our social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram). Here on our blog, we can go a bit deeper. Be sure to check in with us frequently for content regarding:

  • Coffee Brew Guides
  • Roaster Profiles
  • Recipes
  • Coffee News
  • Behind the Scenes

If you ever have any ideas or suggestions, hit us up either via chat (should be a green chat button in the lower right of this page) or the comments section below.

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