Why Would Anyone Quit Drinking Coffee?

Around last year, I was living with a friend who happened to blame everything on coffee. Not caffeine, mind you, just plain coffee. Feeling sluggish? That is because of coffee. Not thinking clearly? Coffee! Did not get good rest? You guessed it — coffee, every single time. He was always suggesting I quit drinking coffee for a month.  

Well, this went on for a while, and admittedly I found it incredibly annoying (like, profoundly and deeply irritating). Plus, we both started working from home, so there was no escaping his criticism.  

 Now I will be the first to say that I LOVE coffee. And, yes, I will clearly admit that I am addicted to coffee. But at a certain moment, his nonstop commentary pissed me off so much that I vowed to give up coffee for one entire month, just to prove my stubborn roommate wrong!  

However, after a horrible experience this is the first, and last, time I will ever do that. Now, it is not because I experienced withdrawal symptoms like crazy headaches or unbearable crankiness (I allowed myself Dr.Pepper and sweet tea). It was more a simple pleasure of life issue. I found that my love and appreciation for coffee grew tenfold during that month’s absence! Furthermore, these are the top four reasons I am never giving up coffee again. 

Coffee is How I Function in the Morning!

The caffeine jolt from a soda or cup of tea is different from coffee… It is not just the amount of caffeine I am talking about here. The jolts from coffee are cleaner, more enjoyable, last much longer, are stronger, and help make the early morning grind much more bearable in general. During this month I constantly found myself incredibly tired till around 10:30. More than an hour plus into my workday. Then I wanted a nap at 3p.m. My work life was quickly in shambles without my daily coffee.  

No Pumpkin Spice Lattes or Coffee Ice Cream. 

Quickly into this horrible process I realized just how much I love coffee in all its various delicious forms. This meant no affogatos or coffee ice-cream and Tiramisu or chocolate covered espresso beans. Plus, it was September so I could not indulge myself in my favorite fall coffee drink, the holy pumpkin spice latte. It was pure torture, especially trying to shop anywhere with a Starbucks inside. The smells alone would drive me crazy.

Coffee is great for being social 

Conversations over coffee are some of the most relaxing social exchanges I get to enjoy, and it is the experience, not just the coffee. I am a nervous person and during this month’s absence of coffee I found myself stuttering more and having a challenging time relaxing in conversations. Plus, coffee shops offer the perfect atmosphere to immerse yourself in another world. You can people watch and take a breather from the craziness of life. This is something I truly took for granted during this crazy month of no coffee.  

It jumps starts and guides my entire day! 

Hot coffee is the first thing to my lips in my morning routine. The smell and aromas cannot be replicated or matched. Believe me, I have tried tea and other hot beverages this past month. Plus, coffee comes in so many different forms. And while I drink it hot, I respect all the diverse ways it can be prepared. I love the entire experience of drinking coffee — the fragrance, the flavor, the feeling. It brings me happiness at any point in the day. This, if anything, is my largest justifier for never, ever giving up coffee again! 

 So, any time anyone tells you that you need to quit coffee, you do not have to say a word — you can just send them this blog post! 

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