It Started in the Kitchen

Paul and Donna Malone loved their routine of enjoying a cup of morning coffee together. After giving birth to her second son in 2013, Donna was ready to get back to the coffee routine. However, there was one problem: the coffee was awful. The grocery store coffee they were buying was either stale or tasted burned. Adding loads of cream and sugar didn’t even help that much. It was barely palatable.

Paul wasn’t willing to give up their morning cup of coffee together, so he decided to do something about the coffee. He tried different beans and brewing methods, but it wasn’t that much of an improvement. After a couple of months of research, he discovered coffee is at its peak flavor for 2 weeks after roasting. So how would he get such fresh coffee? The answer was simple. He would roast the beans himself.

Paul and Donna Malone, founders of Malone Coffee
green coffee bags preparing to be roasted at Malone Coffee
Malone Coffee Cup

From the Kitchen To The Deck

Paul began roasting high quality coffee beans on their back deck. His first batch was the great – the best coffee they had ever had! Unfortunately, the next batch was terrible, but they knew he was onto something. They were both determined to learn how to roast awesome coffee consistently. While perfecting their roasting skills, they shared their coffees with friends and neighbors, and they were a big hit. Soon neighbors began asking for more and more coffee, and before long, Paul was roasting on the back deck for hours after he got home from his corporate job.

Two years and thousands of roasts later, Paul and Donna officially incorporated and launched Malone Coffee. In the beginning they were selling coffee to friends, family, neighbors and at farmers markets.

Paul Malone, founder of Malone Coffee
micro roaster
Malone Coffee, disposable cup

Hitched Up A Trailer

Then 2017 came and some big changes happened. First, the first Malone Coffee trailer launched. Second, Paul left his corporate job. It was a big risk, but they knew they had a great product and he needed to focus 100% on running and growing their business. By the end of 2018 they had 3 coffee trailers around Austin, and in 2019 they opened Malone Coffee Roaster and Café to the public.

Then 2020 happened. They launched a catering division so that Malone Coffee could be enjoyed at events, gatherings, and corporate meetings throughout the Austin area which was a really great thing. But COVID 19 also launched and that was not a great thing.

Malone Coffee Trailer
Malone Coffee Trailer
Malone Coffee Trailer

Serving Despite COVID

Running a business during the pandemic proved very challenging for the first 4-5 months. They stayed open for delivery and take out every day. Even though they lost a lot of money, they knew how important it was for people to start their day with a great cup of coffee. Many customers confided that going to Malone Coffee was one of the only times they left their homes. Surprisingly, the biggest impact COVID had on their business was to see how the community rallied around them when times got really tough.

Community Takes Action to Help Malone Coffee

In the Spring, they had to do a GoFund me page to raise funds to cover short term expenses because of COVID. Friends, family, and customers all donated money, but one of the most heartwarming donations came from a 9-year-old girl. This young girl did paintings, sold them, raised over $100, and then donated it all to Malone Coffee. Paul said, “From a business owner’s perspective it was the most heart warming and amazing thing to think there was a 9-year-old out there making paintings and selling them to people to help us out.”

Then another person anonymously dropped off a painting with $100 and a note. Donna reached out to the neighborhood in search of who was responsible for this generous and kind gift. It took a bit of work, but finally they found out who she was and got the chance to properly thank her. When asked why she made the painting, she said it was because of all the good things Malone Coffee does for the community. What a beautiful way to be seen in the community.

Supporting Malone Coffee

We are proud to offer 11 coffees from Malone Coffee here at Texas Coffee Club. From single origins to blends and roasts running the gamut from light to dark, there’s something for everyone to love.

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