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Meet Sabin Shrestha, owner and operator of Mi Mundo Coffeehouse & Roastery. Mi Mundo specializes in a Central/South American coffee house experience, stemming from Puerto Rican roots with a small Aussie flair.

Mi Mundo prioritizes providing the best coffeehouse experience for the community. Their fair trade, high quality, organic, arabica beans are sourced from Central/South America, prepared authentically, and complemented by delicious appetizers and baked goods in a festive Latino ambiance.

Mi Mundo is not just a coffeehouse or specialty roaster, it’s a personal movement and a way of life. The goal is to not only provide great coffee, but also to do better for you and the world.

They aspire to bring a habitat of love to individuals, to the community and the world one cup at a time, through their passion for coffee and helping people. You aren’t just buying a great cup of coffee, you are getting an invigorating experience while making a difference by supporting the communities and the world.

This ambition drives everything they do, starting from the earth growing our food to the people serving.

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Mi Mundo Coffee Roaster, Mexican Chiapas
Mi Mundo Coffee Roaster, Honduras SHG
Mi Mundo Coffee Roaster, Peru Chasqui SHB
Mi Mundo Coffee Roaster, Sabin Shrestha
Mi Mundo Coffee Roaster lobby
Mi Mundo Coffee Roaster, Sabin Shrestha

Our promise to you is to provide an amazing coffeehouse experience while transforming our world for the better, one cuppa at a time

Mi Mundo

Transforming Our World

Mi Mundo doesn’t just talk about making a difference in the world. Those words are backed up with actions.

25% of Net Profits go to Local & International Charities

First, Mi Mundo Coffee prioritizes sharing their profits with those that need it. They give 25% of their profits to those in need. And 25% is just the starting point. Their plan is to eventually be a non-profit business with 100% of the profits supporting the needy. Their hope is that one day all coffee shop and businesses will join them in this endeavor, but until then they are proud to take the lead!

Mi Mundo Coffee Roaster, Sabin Shrestha with Round Rock PD

100% Environmental / Sustainable Practices

Second, Mi Mundo Coffee is an environmental warrior! Desiring to have the best impact on the surrounding environment as possible, they start by sourcing sustainable, fair trade, organic beans. These beans are not only amazing to drink, they’re also grown with the environment and the growers/communities in mind.

Additional eco-conscious practices are utilizing renewable energy for roasting and brewing and using only biodegradable packaging. Going still further, they also compost their grounds and waste post brew, putting it all back into the ecosystem that created this world.

We base all our activities on circular economy principles to make a positive impact to our environment and the world.

Mi Mundo

Mi Mundo Coffee Roaster front view, with chalk mural
Mi Mundo Coffee Roaster, Sabin Shrestha with Texas Coffe Club Box

Vested in People & Communities

Finally, Mi Mundo Coffee is proud to extend support to the local people and surrounding community. The giving begins at home by providing their team members with above average benefits. In addition, they proactively provide opportunities to people with disabilities and are involved in supporting local community events.

Supporting Mi Mundo

When you drink Mi Mundo roasted coffees, you can have the best coffee quality while knowing that it comes from ethical/sustainable sources and that you are helping support local communities and the world. Find Mi Mundo at Texas Coffee Club.

Mi Mundo Coffee Roaster, with a Pour  Over and Texas Coffe Club Box
Mi Mundo Coffee Roaster mascot
Mi Mundo Coffee Roaster, Signature Texas style lattes

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