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Meet Caleb Williamson, owner of our newest coffee roaster, Neighbor Coffee & Friends in Austin, TX.  He and wife, Morgan, love providing outstanding coffee for you to enjoy and share, and we are glad to have them! 

Neighbor Coffee & Friends Front Porch Blend

I am so excited to be roasting coffee and sharing it with you all. It is a dream come true to be a part of this incredible community of latte artists, mad scientists and coffee enthusiasts.

Caleb Williamson

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Neighbor Coffee & Friends Front Porch Blend

Promoting Austin Coffee Roasters

Having a love for both coffee and for Austin, Caleb dreamed of doing something that would combine them. Specifically, he wanted a brand that would celebrate the universal appeal of coffee and help the city of Austin tap into its local coffee scene at the same time. The desire was for the people of Austin to experience their city in a new way.

Caleb and Morgan envisioned people knowing and supporting their local coffee roasters who were helping craft the coffee heartbeat of their city. So, in March of 2020, Caleb and Morgan began Local Brew, a unique coffee subscription service that sourced exclusively from ATX coffee roasters.

Neighbor Coffee & Friends Front Porch Blend with Pour Over

Becoming Neighbor

Caleb dove into the coffee roasting scene in Austin, and something interesting happened. The deeper he dove into roasting, the more he found he had a heartbeat of his own to share. This created a desire to elevate the concept behind Local Brew and transform it. So Caleb and Morgan established Neighbor Coffee & Friends in December 2020, their own roasting brand. With it, they could creatively support the community through their own product offerings.

To us, coffee is more than a drink. Your choice of coffee can make a big impact with local businesses and global communities.

Neighbor Coffee & Friends

Now, they are pleased to work with local organizations and neighbors in the coffee industry to provide support to the city through exciting partnerships and collaborations.

Caleb Williamson Roaster & Owner of Neighbor Coffee
Neighbor Coffee & Friends Front Porch Blend

Being Good Neighbors

Neighbor Coffee & Friends is truly focused on building community. They love providing you with incredible coffee to share with family and friends. Why? Because they believe that being a neighbor requires action. And that the world can be changed little by little when we know our neighbors. It can be as simple as sharing a cup of coffee, and Neighbor wants to facilitate that gesture of kindness.

Love your coffee. Love your Neighbor.

Being equally passionate about great coffee and great community, this tagline is descriptive of what Neighbor Coffee & Friends is all about. In fact, their belief in community is what led them to include “& Friends” in their name. It reflects their belief that their customers are just as much a part of their mission as they are. From the company name, to the tagline, to the name of their first coffee, it’s evident Caleb and Morgan have passion for coffee and community.

Share A Cup

Wouldn’t you like to share a cup, or bag, of Front Porch with your neighbors? You can find Neighbor Coffee & Friends on their website, social media, and of course, Texas Coffee Club!

Keep drinking coffee, sharing a cup with friends, and always remember…

Love your neighbor,

– Caleb Williamson

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Neighbor Coffee & Friends Front Porch Blend

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