The Perfect way to beat the Texas heat!

During this Texas Heat I often find myself reaching for an iced beverage of some sort, but it might not be what you would think. It’s iced coffee using my AeroPress! If you haven’t heard of an AeroPress, it is a transportable, easy to use coffee brewer that creates flavorsome, concentrated cups of hot coffee. But with this brutal Texas heat, we need something refreshing to help beat that heat. We’ve got the answer!

With no trouble at all you can turn your AeroPress coffee into a cool, revitalizing AeroPress iced coffee. The only things needed are ice (preferably coffee ice cubes) and the always reliable AeroPress. 

First, we brew the hot coffee in the AeroPress. Next we press it over a large chunk of coffee ice. Each drop of hot coffee is instantly chilled on impact. This results in a cold, refreshing cup with bold flavor, without sacrificing any of the sweetness or acidity that you’ve come to expect and love in your iced coffee.


Aeropress Iced Coffee Video Guide

Tip: Coffee Ice Cubes 

Coffee ice cubes work great in just about each and every iced coffee drink. Whereas regular ice cubes dilute the drink as they melt, coffee ice cubes do not. Maintaining the coffee to water ratio is crucial to great taste. So using ice cubes made of coffee helps retain the natural flavor notes in the coffee and preserve the coffee to water ratio overall.

They are so easy to make! Just freeze any leftover coffee you have. You get the benefit of not wasting great coffee plus you get a great tasting cold drink that won’t get diluted.  Keep a tray of coffee ice cubes in your freezer all summer long and you can quickly enjoy refreshing iced coffee at home. 

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Aeropress Iced Coffee Recipe

Here’s the simple process, plus a few fun flavor tips for your iced coffee at home!

The Recipe

1 Servings
6 Minutes
10 Calories


Large Ice Cubes
20 grams Coffee
200 grams Water (175 F)
AeroPress Coffee Maker

Optional Ingredients

Milk/ Creamer
Sugar/ Sweeteners



Bring your water almost to a boil and grind your coffee beans. You want the water at around 175 F, (just below boiling). A medium-fine coarseness works best.

Set up your AeroPress. Rinse a paper filter with hot water and attach the filter cap to your AeroPress.
Add ice to your cup. We prefer coffee ice cubes to keep the drink from getting diluted, but regular ice can be used as well.  Next place the AeroPress on top of the cup . Pour your coffee grounds into the brewer and tap gently to flatten the bed.
Pour a small amount of water over the grounds in a gentle circle. Let the coffee bloom for about 45 seconds.
Pour in the rest of the hot water carefully. Make sure to evenly distribute it over the coffee. Give the wet grounds a stir while they’re brewing. Let the coffee steep for about two minutes.
Attach the plunger and push hard with even pressure until you hear a hissing sound. Then remove the AeroPress.


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