An Unlikely Duo – Coffee & Lemonade!

Look no further for your new favorite quirky coffee drink. We will admit, it’s not your average coffee recipe, but what is more Texan than lemonade and coffee? Nuthin’! Though it may sound like an odd combination, this recipe is fruity, full of fun, and worth the effort. It’s the perfect drink for any season, any day, any time of day. With only 6 ingredients, this is a simple recipe that you will love. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to making! 


How to Prepare Coffee Lemonade Drinks at Home

This recipe is quirky but simple. Begin by cutting 3-4 lemons and squeezing them until you get one-half cup of juice. Next mix in the sugar and set it aside. Fill a glass with ice cubes and pour the fresh lemon juice on top. Add in two shots of espresso or one-half cup of your preferred coffee brew. Next, pour in one-fourth cup of Topo Chico or tonic water and mix it all up. Finally, top with lemon slices and a healthy swirl of honey. Sip, share, and enjoy!

Cold Brew, Coffee Lemonade Recipe Video Guide

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The Recipe

3 Servings
5 Minutes
200 Calories


1 Cup Ice Cubes
¼ Cup Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
2 Espresso shots or
½ Cup Cold Brew
¼ Cup Topo Chico

Optional Ingredients

2 Tbsp Sugar or Honey
Lemon Slices



Fill glass with ice.


Pour in fresh squeezed lemon juice.


Add in espresso or preferred coffee brew.


Fill to brim with Topo Chico.




Top with honey and lemon slices.


Serve and enjoy!

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