Hot Days Call for Cold Coffee Foam

It’s no surprise to us Texans that our temperatures are still soaring. Most of the state is still in high 90’s, and it’s just plain hot. A nice cool treat to add to your iced or cold brew coffee is Cold Foam, and we’ve got a great recipe to share. Our recipe calls for hazelnut syrup, but you could use any flavor you want. Hazelnut just sounds so good and it goes great with coffee!

What’s Cold Foam?

Cold foam is sweetened frothed half and half that is frothed without the use of heat. It’s creamy with a velvet-like texture that’s perfect for a cold or iced beverage. Because it’s cold, it doesn’t immediately sink to the bottom. Instead, it sits like a crown on top of your cold drink and then slowly swirls down into the drink. If you have a clear mug you can watch it wind its way down and around.

Why Should I Use Cold Foam?

It’s a beautiful way to add frothy milk to a cold coffee without steaming it up or melting your ice! You can basically have a cappuccino or latte on ice with a beautiful foam that won’t ruin the coldness of the drink. Any drink that you enjoy adding milk or cream into is a perfect candidate for cold foam.

How Do I Make Cold Foam?

Actually, there are a few options. First is the most expensive approach: a Vitamix Aer Disc blender that uses a special type of blade to whip air into the half and half. This is the method used by Starbucks. If you’re into kitchen gadgets, this is right up your alley.

A second, and much less costly, option is to use a French Press for making cold foam. By putting half and half and sweetener into the press and plunging it a few times, air will be mixed into the liquid causing it to double in size. It makes a beautiful foam.

There are two down-sides to the French Press. First, it’s definitely more labor intensive than the Vitamix. Second, you have to be careful not to overfill or underfill your press. If it’s overfilled, you’re going to have a big mess because it will spill out as it increases in volume. On the flip side, if you don’t fill it enough then the plunger can’t pull up the liquid to get the air mixed in. A bigger press is going to require more liquid so the plunger can fully immerse into the liquid creating the cold foam.

A third, and very reasonably priced, option is to use a handheld electric milk frother. This also gives a nice foam but requires a lot less muscle than the French Press. Plus it costs a fraction of the Vitamix.

I’ve also read about a fourth option involving a mason jar, or I guess any jar with a lid would work. Put the half and half and sweetener into the jar, screw the lid on tight, and start shaking. It’s done when the liquid has doubled in size. I haven’t tried that one. My arm gave out with the French Press so I wasn’t willing to attempt this one. But if you do it, let us know how it goes!

What Coffee Should I Use?

Truly, it is a matter of taste. Any coffee that you like to add milk or cream should work just fine. If you want some examples, though, I like the dark roasts or something I would use for an espresso or espresso-based drink. Some of my favorites are Java Pura’s French Roast, Spiral Horn’s Trail Boss, and Azucar Loca’s Sombrero Negro. However, if you prefer something a bit lighter, some great options are Ferris Wheel’s Carousel Breakfast Blend, Day Break’s Raider Awake Blend, or Driftwood’s Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. Really, whatever coffee you love to have as a cappuccino or latte will be great.

Beat The Heat

I hope you enjoy our Hazelnut Cold Foam. It’s pretty simple, requires just a couple of ingredients, doesn’t require heating up the kitchen, and is great on a hot day. The just right treat for a hot Texas day.

Video Recipe Guide

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The Recipe

1 Servings
5 Minutes
250 Calories


1 Cup (Cold) Half n Half
3 Tbsp Hazelnut Syrup
6 Tbsp Optional, Sugar



Combine the half and half and syrup and mix them with either the Vitamix, the French Press, or the handheld frother until the liquid has doubled or tripled in size.


Pour over a cup of cold brew or iced coffee.



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