St. Patrick’s Day Coffee Celebration

Saint Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday in the States even though most of us don’t get the day off of work and the banks don’t close to honor it. But make no mistake: this country celebrates the Luck O’ The Irish on March 17. Well, at least we do in Texas. If you haven’t seen an advertisement the last couple of days for green beer near you, you either live in the country or under a rock.

We needed to come up with something special for this special day, but what’s a coffee club to do for St. Patty’s? We wondered, “What Irish-based treat goes well with coffee??” The answer is so simple. Lucky Charms of course!

Magically Delicious Latte

We did a little research and found out that Lucky Charms is not just for breakfast in a bowl. Other folks all over the internet are using it to make cakes, frostings, marshmallow treats, shots, martinis, cocktails and yes, coffees! Lots and lots of Lucky Charm coffee recipes are on the internet. We found Irish Coffees (with whiskey), Milk Punch (with bourbon), lattes, and iced coffees. We decided to dig deep, give of ourselves in the name of science, buy some cereal, and thoroughly research this idea of combining Lucky Charms with our coffee.

We looked over a few and decided to go the way of the latte. This recipe comes from Cooking With Janica; however we are also providing a way to speed it up if you want to save a little time. Also, remember that you can always make a latte into a cappuccino if that is your preference.

Cereal Milk is the Key

I grew up on sugary cereal for breakfast. My sugar-laden breakfasts started in the early 70’s, maybe the late 60’s. Sometimes the cereal in the bowl was chosen because of the prize inside. I found out a great prize does not always equal a great cereal. But certain cereals were just awesome, and Lucky Charms made the short list.

As if the cereal didn’t have enough sugar already, my family’s practice was spoon more sugar on top. After the cereal was eaten, the milk that was left was super sweet. This is cereal milk, and it is great in recipes. The concept of creating cereal milk for dessert recipes was created by Christina Tosi of Milk Bar, who is a very accomplished pastry and dessert chef. Her recipe begins with corn flakes, but using Lucky Charms also gives a great flavor and infuses some of that Charm flavor into the coffee. And that’s exactly what we want today!

How to Prepare Lucky Charms Latte Cereal Milk

We start by soaking the cereal in milk and sugar in the fridge. Here’s where you can shave some time on the recipe. Janica’s recipe has less sugar but a longer soaking time: 1 tsp sugar and a 2 hour soak. However, we found that you can increase the sugar to 1 tablespoon, reduce the soak to 15 minutes, and still get a great flavor.

Once your cereal, milk and sugar have melded together to create that gorgeous thing called cereal milk, steam it, combine it with your coffee shots, and top it off with some whipped cream. Sprinkle a handful of Lucky Charm marshmallows on top and you’ve got a beautiful and delicious coffee fit for Saint Patrick’s Day.  Enjoy!

Lucky Charms Cereal Latte Video Walkthrough

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The Recipe

1 Servings
20 Minutes
175 Calories


1 Cup Milk
1 Cup Lucky Charms Cereal
1/2 Tbsp Sugar
Dash Salt
2 Shots Espresso or
1/2 Cup Strong coffee
Lucky Charms marshmallows, for garnish

Optional Ingredients

Whipped Cream
Milk Foam
Chocolate Syrup



Combine Lucky Charms cereal, sugar and salt.

(Use 1/2 Tbsp sugar for 15 a minute soak or 1 tsp for 2 hour soak.)


Add the milk. Mix and refrigerate. 


After milk has soaked, put hot espresso or strong coffee in serving cup.


Remove Lucky charms milk mix from the refrigerator, strain and steam. 


Add steamed milk to the coffee and mix.


Garnish with whipped cream or warm milk foam and sprinkle Lucky Charms marshmallows on top. 


Now treat your friends and family with magically delicious Lucky Charms Latte this St. Patrick's Day!

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