Brownie Batter Latte Recipe

Satisfy your daily coffee needs while enjoying delicious, chocolate brownie cravings with this creamy and savory Brownie Batter Latte Recipe. Plus, you can prepare it in under 10 minutes with minimal supplies for a sweet afternoon pick-me-up. 

Fresh roasted coffee from Texas is truly an amazing thing. It is even better when it is mixed with warm, delicious brownie batter and topped with whipped cream!

Ingredients Needed for Brownie Batter Latte

First, and most importantly, for this recipe you will need brownie batter mix. This can be found in the baking sections of most grocery stores. Next, you will need milk, hot water, a little cinnamon, some honey, and of course, coffee! Ideally you want two shots of espresso for this recipe. Push it over the top with the addition of whipped cream, crushed graham crackers and a sprinkle of brownie mix for garnishes. 

How to Prepare at Home

Start by adding hot water and the brownie mix together in a side cup. Once it is fully mixed, add in any milk of your choice and froth the mixture together. Now grab a serving cup and pour in the brownie batter mix in. Then slowly pour your two shots of espresso on top and mix. Finally add whipped cream, honey and cinnamon on top. For still extra flavor, you can sprinkle a little of the dry brownie batter mix and crushed graham crackers on top.

Brownie Batter Latte Video Guide

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The Recipe

1 Servings
5 Minutes
300 Calories


2 TBSP Brownie Batter
1 Cup Hot Water
1/2 Cup Milk of your choice
2 Shots Espresso
Whipped Cream
Ground Cinnamon

Optional Ingredients

Brownie Batter Mix
Graham Crackers



Put Brownie Mix & Hot Water into side-cup, mix.


Pour Milk on top and begin to froth mixture.


Grab serving cup, add brownie mixture.


Slowly pour espresso shots on top, then mix.


Add whipped cream, honey, and ground cinnamon to the top.

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