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Affogato. A most delightful concoction that transports an already beautiful coffee into a sumptuous dessert. You can make it very simple with just two ingredients or get creative with the likes of garnishes, liqueurs, fruits, and nuts. In the mood for a homey, comfy dessert? Have an affogato! Feeling a little chic and have a yearning for a classy, elegant, sweet cocktail? An affogato cocktail is the answer. So many possible variations to try and all of them too delicious to pass up.

The Belle of the Ball is the Coffee

If you love coffee like we do here at Texas Coffee Club, you’ll appreciate how the affogato takes the coffee beyond the traditional roles of after dinner coffee. Instead of having coffee with dessert, or after dessert, or in place of dessert, the coffee is one of the main stars in the dessert. And it is amazing!

Affogato Cocktail Video Guide

Set the Mood – Boots or Heels?

The glass you choose for your affogato and cocktail boldly states what kind of dessert or after-dinner drink you’re serving. Because we eat with our eyes first, the glass is the first visual cue of what kind of affair is on tap. Whether you’re in the mood for a rustic night on the back porch with the firepit, or whether this is going to be a froufrou la-dee-da kind of night, there’s a glass that matches your style. Rest assured that our Texas Affogato and Texas Affogato Cocktail are delicious in a highball glass, a martini glass, a coffee liqueur glass, and heck any kind of cup you’ve got in your cupboard. Whether your night calls for house shoes, sneakers, boots or high heels, grab the mug that fits the evening.

affogato prep
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Make it decidedly Texan

Start with high quality, superb-tasting, Texas-created ingredients. Texas businesses and small business owners craft some of the most stunning ingredients that are ideal for a true Texas Affogato. We wouldn’t dream of using anything else.

Texas Coffee

First, we have to have coffee for both the affogato and the affogato cocktail, and I strongly advocate using coffees from Texas Coffee Club. All of the coffees have all been roasted by our Texan artisan coffee roasters. The coffee is outstanding, extremely fresh, there’s hundreds to choose from, and you’re supporting a Texan roaster who is also a small business owner. ‘Nuff said.

Texas coffee samplers
the texas coffee club
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Texas Ice Cream

Second ingredient to choose is your ice cream, and it must be Texan of course! We Texans know that our Texas-made Bluebell ice cream is simply the best. And, lucky for us all, the great folks at Bluebell are kind enough to give you plenty of options. Starting with Homemade Vanilla there’s also Dutch Chocolate, the Great Divide, Buttered Pecan, and the list just goes on and on. If you’ve had Bluebell, you understand. If not, you’re missing out and better go get some real quick!

Texas Coffee Liqueur

A third ingredient that’s needed for the cocktail is a Texas coffee liqueur. Did you know there are some great ones made here in Texas? One that has caught our eye is Caffe Del Fuego which uses Austin Roasting Company’s coffee beans in the making. You know they’re one of the roasters at Texas Coffee Club, right? Heck, you could have Austin Roasting Company coffee to go along with the liqueur their beans have created.

Speaking of coffee liqueurs, we’ve made some of our own and it is outstanding! In the coming weeks we’ll share how to make Texas Coffee Liqueur using coffees from our awesome Texas coffee roasters. Good stuff!

Austin roasting co, texas coffee

The Texas Affogato vs Texas Affogato Cocktail

The Texas Affogato only requires Texas ice cream with Texas coffee or espresso poured over it. The ice cream is left intact to melt and mesh with the warm coffee. Garnishes such as chocolate shavings, chopped nuts, and maybe some whipped cream can add to the delight or be left off entirely. Either way, it’s a fantastic dessert.

The Texas Affogato Cocktail starts with Texas coffee and ice cream but also adds at least Texas coffee liqueur, maybe even some cognac or brandy if you’re so inclined. The cocktail ingredients are all shaken together until the ice cream is completely melted, and then poured up into a glass. Garnishes such as bitters, chocolate shavings, grated nuts, and maybe even an orange peel can add fine touches to the experience but are completely optional. To be certain, you can tailor it to your mood by adding or omitting bitters, garnishes, and cream.

Celebrate New Year’s with a Texas Affogato Cocktail

The year 2020 has been quite a roller-coaster year for many of us. If nothing else, we can celebrate our toilet tissue supplies being back to normal, right? Whatever you’re celebrating, add our Texas Affogato Cocktail to your celebration and share it with us. Find us on Facebook and Instagram. Happy New Years from Texas Coffee Club!

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Affogato Cocktail Video Guide

The Recipe

1 Servings
5 Minutes
400 Calories


1 Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream (Blue Bell)
1 oz or 30 ml Coffee Liqueur
1 or 2 Shots of Espresso
1 Chocolate Bar
1 Orange Peel

Optional Ingredients

1 oz Cognac for Stronger Drink
1 to 3 Dashes of Cocoa Bitters



Add 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream to a cocktail shaker.


Add 1 oz of coffee liqueur.


Add 1 or 2 shots of espresso.


Shake together without ice until the ice cream is melted.


Garnish with grated chocolate and orange peel. 

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