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Texas Coffee Club is proud to announce West Coffee Company joined the club! Owned and operated by the West family with Harrison West as head roaster. That’s him in the picture above. This family of six runs the business by they dividing and conquering the many jobs of roasting, design, quality control, accounting, and finance. But apparently when it comes time for R&D, everyone participates and is quite opinionated! They have a unique mission compared to most other roasters. They desire to connect people across the nation with the remarkable coffees grown and harvested here in North America.

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West coffee North American blend
West coffee North American Blend DECAF
West coffee All-American Blend

Morning Noon and Night

Coffee runs deep within the West family. Harrison says every morning and afternoon begins with the push of a French Press. And on the good days there’s also an evening decaf. Amen to that.

Turns out, these avid coffee drinkers were never quite satisfied with the quality and freshness in national brands or the flavor and roast consistency among specialty roasters. So they decided to do something about it. They set out to find coffee grown close to home and decided they would roast it themselves to its full development each and every time.


While most roasters search the globe for coffees to source, the West’s found their favorite coffee was growing in Hawaii and the US territory of Puerto Rico. So they focused on what was growing right here in North America and strengthened relationships with preeminent coffee growers and distributors. All of West Coffee Company’s blends directly support US-based coffee farmers.

Hawaiian Grown Coffee!

As USA based agricultural businesses, these American farms uphold US labor laws set by the Department of Labor and environmental standards set by the EPA. In doing so, these farms produce high quality beans while maintaining some of the best working conditions across the industry.

Puerto rican coffee farm, West coffee
Hawaiian coffee farm, West coffee

Creating the Right Blend

As West Coffee was cultivating relationships with partnering farms and distributors across the United States and Mexico, they evaluated an untold number of blends. To develop their own proprietary blends of premium Arabica coffee, they had to taste, analyze and critique countless blends of different varietals, grades and roasts. What emerged was a high-quality, consistent product that they are proud to share with your family.

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Signature Natural Roast

In addition to sourcing the beans, it was equally important to ensure a consistent roast that would capture the rich, full-body profiles of North American coffee.

So the West family explored various roast levels on the North American beans and found their palettes unanimously gravitated towards a darker roast. Allowing the coffee to go further along in the roast develops deeper caramelized notes without losing the unique characteristics of their origin. This darker roast unlocks a bold, rich flavor profile. Some people call this medium-dark stage a Vienna roast, some call it a Full City roast. West calls it a Natural Roast. We call it delicious.

After finding the optimum roast level, they wanted it to be consistent. Batch after batch. So to uphold their quality and consistency, West Coffee roasts in small batches. And it is consistently wonderful.

Grown in North America, Roasted in Texas

What a gorgeous, spot-on tagline! West Coffee Co is bringing attention to American beans and is very Texas forward. They aren’t just a Texas coffee roaster, West Coffee Co is also Go Texan certified! And we couldn’t be prouder.

made in the USA, West coffee company
FDA approved, West coffee
Go Texan Certified, West coffee

Opening During COVID

Just as they were finalizing their architecture plans for the Roastery and had just submitted the permitting applications, COVID hit. This unexpected and unfortunate event set their plans and construction progress back by a couple of months. So what did they do in the meantime? Roasted more. Tried more blend variations. Took more notes. Drank more coffee. All to ensure a top quality product for launch. Through the COVID setback, they pinpointed exactly which types of beans they would use and where on the roast curve they would take them.

Community & Coffee Minded

During the pandemic West Coffee Co did something quite unique: sponsored a 5K Halloween Fun Run! On top of running a 5K, there was also coffee tasting and breakfast. Now that’s the way to attract runners – breakfast and great coffee! Actually I think even non-runners would enjoy breakfast and great coffee.

An additional service West Coffee provides has to do with Bunn equipment. For those of you who are interested in or have Bunn, West Coffee Co is an approved Bunn distributor. As such they can provide best-in-class equipment and service. Good to know.

Now that the storefront is open, you can drop by if you’re in Houston’s FM 1960 area. In addition to the storefront and online orders, West is involved in providing wholesale coffee for offices, restaurants, hotels etc. And of course, you can always find them at TexasCoffee.Club!

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